Q. How do I place an order?
A. Please fill out the mail form and we will get back to you in 1-3 days.

Q. How long will it take to get my parts?
A. This all depends on the availability of the part. We will give you a time frame along with prices when we send you a quote. On special order or backordered parts the ETA is an estimate. The parts may arrive earlier or later than expected. We will not as a manufacturer to “hurry up.”

Q. I want to cancel my order.
A. There is no charge to cancel and order before you have sent payment. Once payment has been received there are no cancellations.

Q. I ordered the wrong part.
A. Please double check all parts and parts numbers before sending payment. Once payment has been received all sales are final.

Q. I want a refund.
A. All sales are final. If there was a mistake on our end please contact us as soon as possible.

Q. Can you order parts off of Yahoo Auction?
A. As of now we only offer new parts.

Q. There is a problem with my order.
A. Please contact us as soon as possible. Do not contact the manufacture directly. 


Q. The part looks different than the picture.
A. Many makers will use a stock picture or pictures for different models. Please confirm the parts numbers.

Q. The part dose not fit.
A. All parts are sold for domestic Japanese models. We are not responsible if the wrong or incompatible parts are order. Some parts do require some modifications to fit correctly.

Q. I refused the package or it was sent back because I was not there to receive it.
A. Refused shipments sent back to Teiwa do not constitute a refund or credit. Teiwa reserve the right to charge the customer shipping & handling costs for the refused shipment and a 40% restocking fee. Refunds for any reason processed through PayPal may be subject to additional processing fees charged by PayPal, typically up to 4% of the transaction value. Refunds are returned only to the PayPal account used to place the original order and can take up to 7 days to clear. If it was our mistake we will gladly have the package sent out again at no charge to the customer.



Q.How do I pay?
A. We accept PayPal and bank transfers. Bank transfers are only available for orders over   50,000 yen.

Q. What are the fees?
A. The quote we send includes all payment fees, shipping, and handling.

Q. Are VAT and other taxes included?
A. These are NOT included. These are different in every country. Please check with your local customs.


Q. Do you ship to my country?
A. Yes, we ship international.

Q. Will you mark it as a “gift?”
A. We understand taxes maybe expensive but we cannot send packages as “gifts.”

Q. When will I receive my tracking number?
A. As soon as we get the order processed we will send it to you.

Q. My package was damaged.
A. All claims for damaged merchandise must be made with the shipping carrier. Please keep all shipping cartons and all packing materials for carrier inspection.  Do not throw anything away.

Q. The wrong part arrived.
A. Please double check all part numbers before sending payment. All parts are for domestic Japanese cars. Cars sold in different markets may differ. We are not responsible if the parts are different. If this was our mistake we will cover all expenses to get the correct part to you.

Q. Can you ship parts from another shop for me?
A. We only ship parts ordered through our company.

For any questions you may have please contact us at :